Tribal Citizenship


The Chiricahua Apache Mimbreno Nde Nation

Become a Tribal Citizen soon! ENROLLMENT WILL REOPEN AGAIN IN 2020. We are taking a few months to catch up on a backlog of enrollment applications and re-organize.


1. Apply for membership (Digital enrollment form will be posted again when enrollment resumes)

If you are paying your MEMBERSHIP DONATION with a MONEY ORDER, make it payable to:
Chiricahua Apache Native Care

2. WAIT for your enrollment to be recorded. You will receive a Welcome email with further instructions.

3. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN YOUR WELCOME EMAIL to order and Pay $30 for your membership card.



Please make payable to

Indigenous Culture Preservation

and please mail money order to

Leigh Whitewolf

2008 Airline Dr.

Suite 300 Unit 222

Bossier City, LA 71111

* Please make sure that you DO NOT make the money order out to Leigh Whitewolf. Only mail it to her.

* Please be sure to include the NAME OF THE PERSON who’s card the money order is paying for.

*Please note these instructions ONLY APPLY TO PAYING FOR YOUR TRIBAL CARD not your membership donation.



  1. Copy of Driver’s License
  2. A Passport Quality Photo
  3. Copy of DNA Report that shows 25% Native Markers
  4. A Clean Background Check ( )
    NOTE: Choose PACKAGE TWO “Criminal Plus” for $24.95
  5. Pedigree Chart showing your family history
  6. $30 Card Processing Fee

All Nations Welcome
Native Americans of Any Tribal Nation May Apply


Get your Native Tribal Membership and ID Card Now!

You need to pass the DNA and a Background Check.
You will be issued a Tribal Membership Number and purchase your Tribal Membership ID card but if your paperwork has not been received by the time your ID card expires you will not be allowed to renew your membership at the same level.

(Image of the letter you will receive with your Tribal ID card from Third Web Security)

Please mail your documents to:

Leigh Whitewolf

2008 Airline Dr.

Suite 300 Unit 222

Bossier City, LA 71111

When you send your documents in, be sure to include:

  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Pedigree Chart
  • DNA Report
  • Background Check


Need Help?

If you need assistance please visit the CAMN Nation Ambassador Council website:

CAMN Ambassador Council

AND join our TELEGRAM group, this is the easiest way to reach the Ambassador Council. CLICK HERE


DNA & Background Check (This information does not apply for “Global Tribe Members”)

If you PASS the Background Check and if your DNA report shows 25% native blood markers, an APPROVAL EMAIL will be sent to you that will include your Tribal Member ID Number
You will receive your TRIBAL MEMBERSHIP ID CARD 2-4 weeks after ordering.

If you FAIL the Background Check OR if your DNA report shows LESS THAN 25% native blood markers, you will be sent a DENIAL LETTER
which states that you did not meet the “Tribal Council Findings.”


Appeal of Failed Tests

If you failed either the Background Check or DNA test, you may request an appeal.
The Tribal Council will decide on a case by case basis whether to waive the results of a test.


Length of Membership & Renewal

Tribal memberships are approved for 2 years.
You must renew your membership every 2 years (by your birthday).


  1. A Current Passport Photo
  2. A New “Clean” Background Check
  3. $30 Processing Fee to renew your ID card



Native Members/Tribal Citizens – These people can verify their lineage through genetic markers (DNA/Lineage/Background Check  required within 2 years or membership will not be eligible for renewal as Native) $350/2 years

Tribal Administration reserves the right to revoke this membership if the Global Tribal Member behaves in such a way as to bring hardship or embarrassment to the Chiricahua Apache Mimbreno Nde.

Native Admin Members – These people are serving the tribe as Tribal Administration Members (Tribal Counsel, Falcon Counsel, etc.) and their lineage has been verified through genetic markers. These memberships are issued by Special Dispensation of Chief Runningwolf and status will be verified before your Tribal Number is issued. Lifetime Membership

Admin Members – These are people serving the tribe as Tribal Administration Members (Falcon Counsel, Office Administration, Crypto Specialists, etc.) These Memberships are issued by Special Dispensation of Chief Runningwolf and status will be verified before your Tribal Number is issued . Lifetime Membership

Prior approval from Chief Runningwolf is the only requirement for Admin Members. Your status will be verified with the Chief before your application will be approved and your Tribal ID number issued.


Membership Limit

We currently plan to limit our total membership to approximately 500 members.


DISCLAIMER: Acceptance of membership binds and obligates all members to solely use the Nation’s common law and private administrative process for all redress. All people, whether member or not who wish to engage with the Nation are under the same and subject themselves to the Nation’s legal system.